We carry over with us three breakthroughs our candidate for President, in his current capacity as Vice-President, bears the credit for:

1. A new implementation policy for the Rest and Recuperation Framework (ST/AI/2018/10, its Corr. 1 and OHRM Guidelines):

Since 2012, Mohammed has been an advocate for bringing back meaning to Rest and Recuperation (R&R). In February 2018, he brought up to the attention of Senior Management how the R&R framework has been taken out of its proportion when ST/AI/2011/7/amend.2 was issued in 2012 and misinterpreted during its implementation in missions when it came to the combination of R&R with other types of absences. He swiftly explained and demonstrated the misinterpretation and requested the issuance of a new ST/AI that clearly allows the combination of weekends and other approved types of absences both before and after R&R. Senior Management supported the request and, following this early engagement, he submitted a paper summarizing the above to the SMC, the formal venue in which management officially agreed to the request. Subsequently, Mohammed worked with the relevant offices to issue the new ST/AI/2018/10 and its Corr.1 along with a detailed guideline from OHRM in December 2018 to clear any unintended misunderstandings. After 10 months of excessive efforts, this has been a breakthrough after 7 years of misinterpretation of the R&R Framework. (For more information, please refer to the FSC XXVII Report of 2018, pages 13, 21 and 22).

2. Boarding Assistance under the new 2018 Education Grant Scheme (ST/AI/2018/1/Rev.1):

When ST/AI/2018/1 was issued, it introduced a new eligibility criterion for Boarding Assistance that grants it only in relation to “children not staying with the other spouse”. That criterion meant that most staff, especially in the field, were made not eligible for Boarding Assistance. Since the issuance of this administrative instruction in January 2018, Mohammed engaged with OHRM to remove this unfounded criterion from the provisions, being illogical and illegal, since it was not part of any of the requested amendments under the revised Education Grant scheme within the new compensation package. Following 8 months of efforts, OHRM agreed to remove the criterion, issue a revision of the ST/AI (ST/AI/2018/1/Rev.1) to reflect the amendment, and retroactively reimburse Boarding Assistance for all staff in A to E duty stations and, in H duty stations who meet other relevant criteria. (For more information, please refer to the FSC XXVII Report of 2018, page 14).

3. New allowance for Staff in Family Duty Stations with severe Hardship:

Since 2011, Mohammed has been an advocate for compensating staff in family duty stations for separation from families when they can not install them. He called for an allowance equivalent to Non-Family Service Allowance (NFSA) for such staff members. The concept of granting such allowance garnered the support of the High-Level Committee on Management (HLCM) and was subsequently introduced to the ICSC in 2017, preliminary, for staff members in D and E family duty stations who do not install their families by virtue of lack of livable conditions conducive for family life. Following his engagement with the ICSC, Mohammed played a major role on behalf of the three Federations and UN Common System Organizations in persuading the ICSC in its July 2018 session to recommend to the GA granting the allowance, however, at the rate equivalent to 75% of the NFSA for staff members falling under this category. The GA approved the allowance for E duty stations as a pilot exercise and deferred the decision on D duty stations. With the implementation of the GA Resolution, staff members in such duty stations would have the option of not installing their families and be granted 75% of the NFSA in lieu of family installation. (For more information, please refer to the ICSC Report A/73/30, page 44).

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UNFSU has done a good work , so for me I wish to remain with the former vice president and Anna

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