In his consecutive progress reports to the General Assembly, the Secretary-General has presented his approach to strengthening the accountability system of the Secretariat under the new management paradigm. While actions which the Secretary-General commits himself to are positive from Member States’ perspective and could successfully contribute to mandate delivery which we support, we believe that advancing external accountability without a stronger internal accountability system will have a negative impact on staff. The most disturbing in the absence of an adequate internal accountability system is the recent delegation of authority promulgated by ST/SGB/2019/2. The ST/SGB gives a far fetching authority to Heads of Missions over staff matters which can possibly lead to unintended consequences for the staff. The current accountability framework, the policy on misconduct, especially the abuse of authority, and the System of Internal Justice do not provide for adequate preventive and post-facto measures to curtail the possibility of breaching staff rights or ensure timely recourse when needed.

We shall fervently pursue to address this alarming situation by advancing necessary mitigating measures and addressing the deficiencies of the Internal Justice System.

For more information on our views on accountability under the Delegation of Authority, Prevention of Misconduct, and on the Internal Justice System, click on their respective links.