Conditions of Service

Staff in the field are operating under exceptional work and life conditions. The scope of terms of conditions of service overarches the pay scales and post adjustments, within-grade increments, education grant, removal costs, hardship, mobility allowances, non-family service allowance, danger pay and other elements such as rest and recuperation, home leave and leave entitlements and accommodation for air travel.

We shall submit arguments and make cases for bringing more fairness to some of those emoluments, allowances, and entitlements as well as for promoting attraction to the field and retention of staff. We shall endeavor to:

  • Improve cost of living surveys’ quality for a better post adjustment;
  • Increase the amount of biennial within-grade increments;
  • Ensure pay for performance initiatives are contingent to a more robust and reliable Performance Management System;
  • Push for a better scale for education grant and a better level of boarding assistance;
  • Push for more flexibility for H duty stations within the education grant framework indicated by the ICSC and a better framework for all duty stations;
  • Especially review and pursue a better Education Grant Framework for children with disabilities;
  • Improve the methodology of hardship classification and the correlation with other designation types such as family/non-family and approved for rest and recuperation duty stations;
  • Increase the level of danger pay and non-family service allowance;
  • Improve parental and more comprehensive family-oriented leave entitlements for the field;
  • Enhance the rest and recuperation framework to reinvigorate its initial intention of alleviating the financial burden and harmonization of application across the UN Common System;
  • Push for a more reasonable policy for standards of accommodation of air travel and the linked DSA policy;
  • Pursue mechanisms that ensure uniform implementation of the travel policy across the board free of breaches to the rights of staff.