Policy Framework

We shall endeavor to establish a legal basis to govern downsizing, nationalization and liquidation of missions as follows:

  • Expedite the issuance of a Downsizing Policy to ensure equitable, fair and transparent procedures are applied across the board;
  • Work on promulgating a policy on the use of the FS Category based on adopted Review of the FS Category to assert that FS Staff are not interchangeable with other categories;
  • Incorporate additional international posts within workforce planning to mitigate for absences on Rest and Recuperation and annual leave as well as other types of unforeseen absences such as long-term sick leave;
  • Continue to work on refined guidelines for Nationalization to ensure that the concept is not abused as a pretext to cutting FS and P posts and work on promulgating a Nationalization Policy on the use of National Staff Category not overstepping the FS and P categories;
  • Ensure that overlapping processes of Civilian Staffing Review, Nationalization and workforce planning aspects do not lead to double retrenchment of posts;
  • Ensure a correct implementation of Civilian Staffing and Comparative Reviews;
  • Work on making up for delays in the granting of Continuing Appointments for staff who reached five years or more of service under Fixed-Term contracts.

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