Mitigating Measures

We shall pursue mitigating measures for staff affected by downsizing, nationalization or liquidation:

  • Strengthen workforce planning to identify positions, which will become vacant in affected and other missions or within the UN Secretariat at large, against which affected staff could be laterally reassigned;
  • Give priority consideration to internal candidates when applying to job openings;
  • Running off-cycle Continuing Appointments exercises for staff sitting on affected posts who have reached five years or more of service under Fixed-Term Contracts;
  • Running rostering exercises for affected non-rostered staff members;
  • Granting Special Leave Without Pay for a reasonable period for staff who could not be immediately laterally assigned to extend their opportunity for upcoming suitable vacancies;
  • Design and offer optional opt-in early retirement compensation packages.

In addition to the above, we shall pursue complementary mitigating measures for staff affected by GSDM, especially considering that no FS posts would be available in the new centers:

  • Freeze of external recruitment within the Secretariat (at all levels) for administrative functions;
  • Establish clear criteria for identifying positions performing transactional functions;
  • Classify the positions in the new service centers as much in advance as possible;
  • Offer the possibility for affected FS staff to apply for P posts in the new centers if qualified;
  • Offer the possibility of recruitment as third-nationals local staff in the new centers;
  • Offer to affected staff possibilities of temporary assignment (TDY), where appropriate, up to 6 months in accordance with the UN staff regulations and rules;
  • Subject to suitability and availability of positions, offer transfer to the new service centers to internationally-recruited affected staff.

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