Lessons learned have proven the infeasibility of a “one size fits all” approach to mobility and that there is a need for a multifaceted, decentralized, well-resourced scheme supported by a firm centralized selection policy. The mobility policy, guided by the lessons learned, have to be an integral component of succession planning and talent management. It should be incentivized and increase the movement in and out of difficult duty stations.

We shall pursue a mobility policy which is pinned to the following principles:

  • An annual, centrally-managed opt-in lateral mobility program;
  • A decentralized within-mission and inter-mission opt-in lateral geographical mobility;
  • Decentralized staff-initiated swaps for lateral geographical mobility across the Secretariat;
  • A prioritization to internal candidates for lateral geographical moves within the 15-day mark of job openings;
  • Introducing the concept of a tour of duty in general and special thresholds on length of service in difficult duty stations in particular;
  • A multi-tier mobility decision making where decisions would be first based on staff expression of interest and if not feasible, available options of vacant positions would be offered.
  • The exclusion of downsized posts in field operations from the available list of options not to jeopardize job security;
  • The exclusion of posts vacated by mobility exercises from advertisement outside the mobility exercise;
  • The monitoring and minimization of the use of liens to posts;
  • Incentives for mobility to include a due consideration in the selection process for mobile staff and time of service in the field, with special consideration to service in D and E Hardship duty stations.
  • The consideration of special constraints related to family/health reasons;
  • The establishment of mechanisms which ensure transparency, effectiveness, and equity in mobility, especially in terms of exposure to hardship and work/life balance and that are gender-sensitive;
  • Oversight over the implementation of the DSS Integration Project (UNSSSIP) to ensure that FS Security Staff is fairly offered the promised mobility within DSS.

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