Family Care

Current entitlements of family-related leave are limited to addressing very specific situations of a newborn, adopted child or a family emergency. There is no entitlement addressing other family-related situations that staff may face in the natural course of life, such as a sick or incapacitated child, spouse or parent. On the other hand, today the definition of “family” has also evolved, and the provision of care extends beyond children to include a wider group of loved ones that make up the primary family for many.

Treating staff only through the lens of parenthood is problematic to both parent and non-parent categories. It does not accommodate the different needs of the staff as a whole and, maintains significant inequities in entitlements, including in death benefits, between both categories of staff. It also raises retention issues for the non-parent category as it does not consider its equal need for a work/life balance.

We shall pursue an inclusive Family Care leave policy that: a) helps all staff balance work responsibilities and family obligations by adapting leave entitlements to specific and individual circumstances; and b) promotes equal conditions of service in response to a changing global workforce that is not defined by traditional gender roles and stereotypes.

We shall work with sister unions and other stakeholders on:

  • Extending the consolidation of various types of parenthood-related leave into parental leave to also include other family needs under a Family Care Leave that would be applied equally to both parent and non-parent categories of staff;
  • Adapting current leave entitlements, including non-family related entitlements such as Sick Leave, as well as flexible working arrangements to family needs under the Family Care Leave.

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