Rest and Recuperation

When the concept of designated locations for R&R was established it was based on the idea that families would have been installed in these locations. This has not materialized and the whole concept lost its raison-d’être. Pegging travel time and ticket lump sum calculations to a location other than where families were installed contradicted with the initial purpose of relieving the staff from the burden of the cost of resting and recuperating, including family reunion. Additionally, the accelerated home leave was removed on the assumption that R&R serves the same purpose. ST/AI/2011/7 further imposed the use of available UN flights for R&R in lieu of the use of lump sum. This has also been a source of concern and discomfort. UN flights are not necessarily the best route option and there is no accountability in case of delays or baggage mishandling which often result in missing connections, hotel bookings, and monetary loss.

We shall lay the ground with the ICSC and OHR to revisit the matter and would push for a more reasonable framework and modalities, as follows:

  • Rest and Recuperation to be five working days or seven calendar days;
  • Travel Time to be pegged to home country;
  • The obligation of the use of UN flights to be removed;
  • The lump sum option to be based on the journey from the duty station to home country. 

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