“TrustMe” Mission Statement

  • “Protecting staff rights against negative effects of acute reforms and restructuring.”
  • “Minimizing negative effects of posts cuts, such as during downsizing and the implementation of GSDM, on staff careers and job security through adequate and practical mitigating measures.”
  • “Monitoring and acting proactively against new risks to staff employment, conditions of service, careers, wellbeing, and welfare.”
  • “Promoting policies for career development, mobility and advancement.”
  • “Assuring a harassment-free, fair, safe and healthy working and living environment.”
  • “Improving policies of work/life balance for both single staff and staff with dependents.”
  • “Improving our collective power, internal and inter-union mechanisms and communication with stakeholders.”
  • “Communicating better with staff to the end of sharing information and polling different perspectives.”