The “TrustMe” Team

Helal, Alda, and Anna have the honor to come forward as your candidates for the 2019 – 2021 Executive Elections. Many among you already know some or all of us and many others do not. We are a team of highly seasoned, passionate, reliable and committed staff representatives. Our UN experience ranges from 20 to 30 years. We have served in more than 10 hardship missions and devoted many years in staff advocacy and representation. Our team is led by the current FSU Vice-President and has a proven ability to analyze, present and persuade stakeholders on challenging topics to the benefit of staff. We shall build on each other’s experience, especially on the hands-on experience in staff representation at the Executive level and the proven record of achievements. We shall benefit from the existing rapport built over the last two years with Senior Management, the ICSC, other Unions and Federations.

We hope as a team to make UNFSU more relevant to the new era it operates in. We are determined to work hard on making UNFSU more accessible, informative, proactive, creative, and service-oriented to all its members through consultation and two-way effective communication. We are also determined to work on addressing some crucial weaknesses in the internal mechanisms and modalities to make UNFSU stronger and more dependent on the collective and diversified knowledge of its membership.

For more information on the proven record of achievements, click here. For more information about members of the “TrustMe” Team, click below.