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Job Security

With downsizing, nationalization and liquidation of missions as well as the foreseen implementation of GSDM, we shall pursue means to protect staff to the utmost extent possible.

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The current accountability framework and the Internal Justice System do not provide for adequate preventive and post-facto measures to curtail the possibility of breaching staff rights or ensure timely recourse when needed. In light of the recent far fetching delegation of authority to Heads of Missions over staff matters, this can possibly lead to unintended consequences for the staff.

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Staff Selection and Mobility

Elements of the staff selection and mobility policy need to be complementary and linked, incorporated into the overall talent management. We shall persistently endeavor to include in the staff selection policy better elements. Lessons learned have proven the infeasibility of a “one size fits all” approach to mobility and that there is a need for a multifaceted, decentralized, well-resourced scheme supported by a firm centralized selection policy.

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Gender Balance

We believe that an objective and reasonable approach to solving the gender gap has to first and foremost, focus on removing systemic weaknesses and discriminatory practices while promoting retention. We are alarmed by the use of easy shortcuts that focus purely on statistics as they offset one problem by many others. We have prepared, short, medium and long term, field-oriented gender balance proposals which are practical, in line with the UN Charter and safe to staff.

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Performance and Career Development

Performance is at the heart of accountability, career development and advancement. Current Performance Management has lost meaning as it is easy to manipulate and be used subjectively. We shall endeavor to establish a more meaningful Performance Management System by reforming six main aspects.

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Conditions of Service

Staff in the field are operating under exceptional work and life conditions. We shall submit arguments and make cases for bringing more fairness to some of those emoluments, allowances, and entitlements as well as for promoting attraction to the field and retention of staff.

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Health, Safety, Security and Wellbeing

Health, safety and security, welfare and wellbeing are among the most serious concerns for staff. Staff in extremely difficult missions feels isolated, ignored and desperate for support. We shall actively engage with stakeholders and strive to achieve our set objectives.

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Work/Life Balance

Work/life balance is essential to staff wellbeing and has also become a major element to staff retention and talent attraction. Although the organization has advanced many system-wide work/life balance initiatives, from a field’s perspective, some policies need to be enhanced while the implementation of others remains a challenge.

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Social Security

The General Assembly, in January 2019, voted a landmark resolution (A/RES/73/274) to fix problems at the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund (UNJSPF). We have already witnessed attempts to circumvent it and other doubtful decisions. We will watch closely the situation, take necessary actions when required, and keep staff abreast of any development.

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Making the FSU Better

The UNFSU faces many internal and external challenges to realizing its full potential for efficiency and effectiveness. The UNFSU functions across multiple interfaces through certain mechanisms, each having its own shortfalls. We strongly believe it is imperative to reform, institutionalize and modernize how the UNFSU operates.

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